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Spiky Green Caterpillar

green caterpillar

I searched and searched and couldn’t figure out what kind of caterpillar this is.  If you know, please send me a message!  Lucius set him up in a nice big container with lots of twigs and leaves and before evening he had webbed himself up tightly in a corner.  Unfortunately, Justus accidentally crushed it and we won’t be seeing what he turns into, at least not this time.  :(

Lucius cried so many sad tears, poor baby.  But, we do still have the hope of Miguel and Beautiful Ew-Ew.  :)


5 Responses to “Spiky Green Caterpillar”

  1. That caterpillar is probably known as the Costa Rican Hairy. According to Environmental Graffity, it is one of the most toxic but beautiful caterpillars in the world. Be very wary getting close to caterpillars or other bugs in a tropical country. They maybe poisonous. By the way, how is the cost of living where you’re at in Costa Rica? Another Filipino who lives there told me it’s expensive there compared to, say, Nicaragua or Dominican Republic or Mexico.

    • I thought that too, about the caterpillar. Except after doing some searching, it’s seems the Costa Rican Hairy has a few different features, like a blueish head. I do try to look creatures up before handling them, but I always proceed with caution no matter what. We never did touch this caterpillar with our hands or allow it to touch our skin anywhere.

      I’ve never been to the DR, or Mexico and was only in Nicaragua briefly, but I imagine Costa Rica is more expensive as it’s more developed and is the most affluent country in Central America.

      • angelina
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      • Thanks for the reply, Angie. The reason I’m asking about cost of living is because I’m planning to long stay in one of the Latin countries that is close to Canada. I could choose my homeland, the Philippines, but it’s too far and the airfare is getting too ridiculously expensive. Mi esposa don’t want to leave Canada yet, so I have to be close when snowbirding. I have scouted Mexico (Riviera Maya) already but am still going to look at Nicaragua and the Dominican Republic next. I have to scratch Costa Rica, then, if it’s really expensive. Actually, it is the first country I was looking at during my initial research. Congrats on your blog. You have a beautiful family.

        • Thank you, Manuel! I wouldn’t consider Costa Rica expensive compared to say, Canada, but perhaps compared to other Latin countries it may be. I would say we spend, in general, a bit less than we did in Canada, but not a very significant amount. Some people come here looking to radically change their lifestyles and live off of very little with a very simple kind of life. That can be done, and done with a very small budget. It’s just not what we came here to do. ;)

          • angelina
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  2. The family is Saturniidae, you might have some lucky searching by this name, I’ll take a look into it too.


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