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Welcome back to chasing mangos!

The blog has been moved to a different server as well as getting a new domain, so please make a note of that so you can keep up with us here!  I will keep a link in the sidebar to the old chasing mangos blog.

Our family has also moved!  From the mountain town of Atenas, to the small coastal village of Esterillos Oeste, we are now enjoying life beachside in a gorgeous vacation home.

Life at the beach

  Each night I fall asleep to the sound of the waves and wake up to the squawking of the scarlet macaws as they fly from almond tree to almond tree eating their breakfast.  These 2-3 foot magnificent birds are often seen flying in pairs as they mate for long term, sometimes for life.  A couple of days after moving here two of them flew right over my head as I swam in the pool.  Truly amazing!  These beautiful birds are hands down my favorite thing in Costa Rica.  I get insanely excited when I see them, like giggle fits kinda excited, and sometimes even scream.  The kids love that kinda stuff about me, it’s just one more thing they can make fun of, little buggers.  In fact, now that we’ve been here long enough they’ve discovered that many of my little ‘quirks’ come from my Latina roots, and it’s not all that uncommon to hear them say things like, “What do you expect from a Puerto Rican mother?“, and that’s when my shoe flies in the direction of someones head. >:P

Now let’s go back to my happy place, yes? …

Aside from the macaws, we’ve seen dozens of capuchin monkeys dancing in the trees along the beach, bright colored crabs which make their way onto our property in the evenings, and at least 4-5 different species of butterfly visit our hibiscus bush regularly.  Did you happen to notice I didn’t mention tarantulas?  Yes, apparently I can live here for years and years without ever seeing one.  Did I tell you this is heaven?  It is.

Esterillos is located between Jaco and Manuel Antonio, which means we are right smack in the center of all sorts of adventurous and fun things to do like bungee jumping, zip lining, snorkeling and white water rafting just to name a few, but mostly people come here to SURF!   I think I may join them soon because those waves are calling me! ;)

 We take the dogs out for walks along the shore and they run along the volcanic rock chasing little crabs.   There is a beautiful statue of a mermaid gazing out over the ocean here and legend has it that one evening, a fisherman saw a mermaid out there and she was luring him back into the ocean.  When he woke up the next morning (with a major hangover, I bet!) he went out there looking for her but never saw her again.  He erected this statue to remember her by.  Don’t judge.  Who of us hasn’t had a night like that?! ;)

So that’s a brief update of our first week here in Esterillos, which I hear some call the best kept secret in Costa Rica, and I am thoroughly enjoying the leisurely process of discovering why.

Pura Vida, my friends.  This is the life……….



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