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Come take a walk with us!

Lucius noticed at least a dozen butterflies dancing above a bush of colorful flowers as we began our walk home from the beach yesterday.

(banded peacock butterfly)

Then we heard the macaws squawking overhead.

(scarlet macaw)

It’s hard to see in pictures just how large this bird is, largest parrot in the world in fact, with a body that can reach 33 inches in length from beak to tail.  These extremely intelligent birds can live anywhere from fifty to eighty years (!!!) and they mate for life.

We were standing near a tree filled with this incredible and endangered species.  Unfortunately, hunting and poaching has dramatically reduced their population as well as habitat loss from rainforest destruction.  Costa Rica has been working hard at bringing their numbers up and it seems they’re having success with their efforts as the macaws born in captivity and released into the wild are now reproducing in the wild, something Costa Rica had never seen before 2010.

So beautiful!

Julie braved a fence of barbed wire to get the picture above.

(variegated squirrel)

(yellow-headed gecko)

(groove-billed ani)

(white zebu cow)

(white crane)

Ever had the urge to drop in the middle of the road and meditate?

Then realize that your awesomeness can meditate AND walk at the same time!

(turkey vulture)

(northern jacana)

(great kiskadee)

a tree that didn’t survive the last storm

…and alas, we’ve made it back home.


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