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Chia pudding for breakfast.

I found myself a chia dealer in Costa Rica.  She’s a sweet woman who runs a health food store in Atenas.  First time I asked her if she had any, she looked at me with squinted eyes, as if I had discovered a secret I wasn’t suppose to.  She asked me how I knew about the seeds, and if I knew what they were good for.  I looked down at her water bottle and saw some gelatinous seeds floating around inside, that’s when I gave her the look, the — Oh, I am totally on to you, sistah friend — look.  She then proceeds to pull out a clear plastic baggie full of chia seed from under the counter. Straight faced, never losing eye contact, she says, “I will chare with you from my own, but you must never tell anyone EVER that I sell you these seeds so ugly like this, I am so embarrass they are not in a nice bag!“.  No worries, dealer lady.  I am not much of a package snob, at least not since I moved here.  Your secret is safe with me now just hand over the seeds… c’mon… give it!!!

I didn’t get to leave until she apologized at least ten more times.  After two more visits to top up my stash I visit her once again, and this time she smiles from ear to ear, gleaming with pride and hands me the bag pictured below.  I love this woman.  She will remain my chia dealer for the rest of my C.R. days.

Anyway, back to my breakfast.  I’ve started making this chia pudding since I ran out of my oat bran, and remembered a simple recipe that called for chia seeds and almond milk.  So I tried it, loved it, and am sharing it for anyone else who would like to give it a go.

First, soak the chia seeds.  A little less than 1/4 of a cup of seeds to 1 cup of almond milk.  Stir the seeds into the milk and let it sit for at least ten minutes before stirring it again, giving the seeds a chance to absorb the liquid and release all those beneficial enzymes.  Soaking it for several hours will result in you receiving the full nutritional value, so that’s what I do.   This is what they look like all soaked and ready to go…

Once ready, I add some honey and a touch of vanilla extract.  You can stop there and eat it just like that if you like.  To mine, I also added some organic granola, raw sunflower seeds, and a banana.

You can read all about the magic of chia seeds here.

simple. healthy. delicious.


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