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Archive for ‘random’

Green Mangos

It’s a common site in CR to see someone on the side of the road selling green mango slices.  Last week I had the chance to try them for the first time at a friends house.  We picked a bunch right off her tree and feasted while gossiping and watching macaws fly above the Pacific ocean from her backyard!  What a life, huh?  They taste ridiculously good, like, sour candy kinda good.  It’s almost like a hybrid between a granny smith and a mango.  If you’re into tart flavors like me, go out and get yourself one, or two, or three, or TEN!  I can’t believe how I missed out on this when we lived on that mango farm in Atenas because we left while the mangos were still mostly green!

mangos on tree

Vane with mangos

cutting mangos

If you ever do want to try them, I’ll tell ya how to do it like a tico.  Peel them.  Then cut around the pit at the widest part, same as you would do with an avocado.  Crack it open and remove the white pit in the middle.  Slice the halves into strips and you’re ready to snack like a tropical goddess.

slicing mangos

Once sliced, they are usually sprinkled with salt or lime juice.  I ate them plain, they were perfectly delicious.

Jimena mango

mango bowl

mango tree

mango slices

Everyone needs a friend with a mango tree!  ;)


Purple, Purple, Everywhere

The wisteria is in full bloom right now and is covered in dozens of buzzing bumble bees.  If you stand anywhere in the yard you can hear the lullaby-like hum.





wisteria view

Thanks again, Molly, for identifying it for me on the Chasing Mangos facebook page!


Gettin’ Our Glam On

Nails.  Pool.  Coffee.  Tortillas.  Gossip.

This is how to do Monday morning in the ‘rica.


getting nails done

Nail bling!

nails close-up


Surf Board Slide

Vane & Angel


Sear in the pool

Candy Girl

Nayu's view

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