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Archive for ‘Pets’

Opossum Update

Baby has now opened both eyes!

baby opossum

He climbs a lot and eats often.


We call him Sam.  Sam-Sam.  Possum Chicken.  Blinky.  Sammy One Eye.  Though now, with both eyes open, we’ll likely stop with the last two.




Oh, Stella baby.

Stella's bath

How you hate your medicine baths … and the vet … and the shots.

Stella's bath

Oh, the shots.  The horrific pain they cause making you scream and hide your face under my arm, shaking.  I wish there was another way, baby girl. :(

Stella kisses

It’s been a week and two days since we found you.  You’re a tough little cookie, my sweet.  While uncomfortable and sometimes very hard on you, you are getting better little by little and I’m grateful that you’re so forgiving, and so generous with your stinky puppy breath loves.


Stella Goes to the Doctor

Oh, Stella.  She has mange, and worms, and… we decided she’s going to stay with us.


We took her to a vet in Parrita, a town just 15 minutes south east of here.

on our way

the vet

She was given her first round of vaccines, de-worming medicine, and an injection for the mange.  We go back in seven days for another dose.

vet table

She weighed in at three and a half pounds and is around two months old.

getting weighed

Not only does he treat pets and livestock, he also rocks the snazzy swim shorts and flip flops.  Does your vet do that?  No.  I didn’t think so. ;)


The injection was so painful.  He warned me she would cry, loud, and a lot, and she did.  It was awful. :(


She wasn’t too pleased with the oral dose of deworming meds, either.


She has two weeks of bathing in a skin healing solution ahead of her, and hopefully will start feeling better real soon.

Health care for animals in Costa Rica is crazy cheap.  Our visit today came to a total of $80 dollars.  That included all of her care, plus puppy food, flea and tick medicine for the rest of our pets, a dog bowl, shampoos, and a machete sharpener.  (Yes, you read that right.)

Welcome to the family, Stella!

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