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Archive for ‘Insects’

Hello Gawgeous!

Deep-blue Eyed-metalmark

Deep-blue eyed-metalmark

Deep-blue eyed-metalmark


The Io Moth

(Automeris io)

This large North American moth can be found from the southern-most parts of Canada all the way down to Costa Rica.  This one is male; the females are a reddish color.  Love his feather-like antennae!

Io moth 2

Io moth

Male Io Moth

Io moth and me

Thanks for the visit, little guy.


A Butterfly Visit

I recently posted about how we are forever releasing butterflies from our screened in porch.  Many times it’s the Malachite butterfly, like the one I’m showing you today.  He was flying around my bedroom and when I took him outside to set him free he decided to hang with us for a while.  First on my hand, then my shoulder, then with the rest of the family.  It was around an hour or more later when we he finally flew away.  Maybe he was tired and enjoying a rest, who knows, or maybe they’re beginning to see us as a safe place to land. :)






Cool fact: This butterfly got it’s name because of the green and black colors on it’s wings that take on the color of the malachite mineral as it appears naturally in stones found on the ground or refined for jewelry settings.

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