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Archive for ‘Insects’

Giant Brown Long-horned beetle

Long-horned Beetle

Long-horned Beetle

Long-horned Beetle


Spiky Green Caterpillar

green caterpillar

I searched and searched and couldn’t figure out what kind of caterpillar this is.  If you know, please send me a message!  Lucius set him up in a nice big container with lots of twigs and leaves and before evening he had webbed himself up tightly in a corner.  Unfortunately, Justus accidentally crushed it and we won’t be seeing what he turns into, at least not this time.  :(

Lucius cried so many sad tears, poor baby.  But, we do still have the hope of Miguel and Beautiful Ew-Ew.  :)


Miguel & Beautiful Ew-Ew (MOTH PUPA)

Lucs Pupa

Meet Miguel.  Luc found him as a caterpillar and shortly after creating a beautiful, comfy home for him he turned into this.  Any idea what kind of moth he’s gonna be?


We found this one almost two weeks ago. (We’re hoping it’s a moth, and that an evil looking wasp doesn’t hatch out of it.)  It had eaten through, and buried itself in a small pillow we accidentally left outside in the rain.  Sera insisted on keeping it, of course, and now beautiful ew-ew goes everywhere with her and even sleeps next to her pillow at night.

beautiful ew-ew

She said she won’t name him until she knows if it’s more beautiful than ew, or the other way around.

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