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Archive for ‘Flora & Fauna’

They’re Baaaaack!!!

It’s been months since I’ve seen them, but the toucans and capuchin monkeys are finally back!  As soon as the rains picked up around here they both returned.  The overcast skies are not so great for pictures and video, but I’m just happy to see them.  It’s a bit less jungl-y around here without them. :)

capuchin monkey

capuchin monkey

capuchin monkey




Planting Trees

There’s a beautiful flowering shrub called Mussaenda that I’ve had my eye on since we moved here.  A friend recently told us of an inexpensive place to buy plants and trees so we went to check it out yesterday.  I wish I would’ve thought to bring my camera, but honestly, I wasn’t sure if we were going to an actual store or to someones yard so I didn’t even think of it.  I should know better by now, really!  Next time, for sure.  There were SO many things I wanted and left behind (like a cacao tree) simply because we couldn’t fit anything else in the truck!

We bought an orange tree, two of the Mussaenda, one white, one pink, a couple of palm trees, an aloe plant, and a teeny tiny plant that I gave to Nadi.

Here’s the orange tree being planted…

orange tree

The smaller orange trees were only $4 each, but we bought the $20 one that was a year old, this way we’ll see fruit in another year and a half rather than two to three.

Here’s the pink variety of the Mussaenda, though it has no flowers on it yet…

pink shrub

I had it planted up at the front of the house because I want it to be the first thing I see when we pull up the driveway.  Someday it’ll look like this…


Gorgeous, no?!!  I love it!

Here’s the white one planted next to it…

white shrub

white flowers

Both of these plants were $4 each, and so was my aloe and the two palms.

aloe and palms

And here’s a very happy Nadi with his little plant.  :)

Nadi's plant


Marina, White Sand Beach, Butterflies…

My birthday in pictures.  Enjoy!

Anchors End Tattoo

Om tattoo

mom and babies

Los Suenos

Marina Los Suenos

Punta Leona


Paddle Boarding




horse balls

tree hugger

ladder to heaven

ivan and tree


red flower

pink flower

black butterfly

purple flowers

orange butterfly



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