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Archive for ‘Flora & Fauna’

It’s been quiet around here.

One by one each person in the house caught that awful throat infection with the added bonus of a high fever and conjunctivitis.  Then, Eric slipped in the backyard onto a plastic tube that entered the soft tissue in the center of his foot about an inch deep.  OUCH!   So we’ve been busy at that clinic I posted about recently, bringing home bag fulls of free meds and getting everyone back to 100%.

It hasn’t been ALL boring, though.  Jason was out for a walk the other day and came running back to the house insisting I go with him to see a croc by the lake.  Of course, we took pictures.  And of course, I tried to get as close as I was comfortable with so I could share it here.  My guess is it’s probably around 10 feet long.  His entire body could probably fit the space between us as you can tell by my oh-so-relaxed expression.  But how to resist such a great photo op?!

croc and me

crocodile lake

closed mouth croc

open mouth croc

I think next time I’ll bring some chicken to feed it.


Thirsty for toad, anyone… no?

This morning I learned what happens when you leave your water bottle outside at night without the lid on.  Let’s just say it’s not so “Klean” anymore…  ;)



The Io Moth

(Automeris io)

This large North American moth can be found from the southern-most parts of Canada all the way down to Costa Rica.  This one is male; the females are a reddish color.  Love his feather-like antennae!

Io moth 2

Io moth

Male Io Moth

Io moth and me

Thanks for the visit, little guy.

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