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Archive for ‘Birthdays’

Marina, White Sand Beach, Butterflies…

My birthday in pictures.  Enjoy!

Anchors End Tattoo

Om tattoo

mom and babies

Los Suenos

Marina Los Suenos

Punta Leona


Paddle Boarding




horse balls

tree hugger

ladder to heaven

ivan and tree


red flower

pink flower

black butterfly

purple flowers

orange butterfly




Feliz Cumple, Jason!

He was super excited to get a bike for his birthday.  Most years we’ve searched for gifts to occupy him IN the house because it’s so darn cold.  This year, we tried to think of ways to get him OUT!  Hopefully we won’t hear him say “I’m bored” until sometime next week.

His plan was to go to the pool and then out to dinner with the family.  So that’s what we did.

aaaaand this is what happens when you ask them to pose nicely for a birthday picture mommy can cherish for years to come.


¡Que Chiva!

Chi-Chi is my little rescue dog.  She was originally named Chiva, which means ‘cool’ in Costa Rica, for obvious reasons.  The kids had a hard time remembering that so she became Chi-Chi.  She was somewhere around 2-3 months when we adopted her, which was about 2-3 months after our arriving in Costa Rica, so she was likely born as we were getting ready for our trip, this time one year ago.

So, HAPPY we’re-not-sure-when-it-really-is-so-we’ll-make-it-today BIRTHDAY to YOU, Chi-Chi!

May your days continue to be filled with lots of mud rolling, barking at horses,

and downward doggin’.

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