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Archive for April, 2014

Giving in Parrita


I had an incredible opportunity today to join a good friend in giving back to the community here. His bank sponsors the giving of flip flops to children in neighborhoods where the people could use some help. He came to us with a suitcase full and asked if we’d like to join him. I had been putting clothing to the side for a while now as I’m sure you can imagine how much we can go through with seven children in the house. So we packed our truck with his flip flops and our bags of clothes and headed to a nearby town. It was a really touching experience to see these humble and grateful children happily diving in to find something in their size, and their moms and older sisters excited about clothing I no longer wear. As a middle child who was (and still is) always super thrilled to get hand-me-downs I could easily share their joy. For next time, I’m thinking of the Ropa Americana (secondhand store) with bins of clothing at 20 cents per item, twenty dollars could go a long way. I can’t wait till he comes back so we can do this again.


Giant Brown Long-horned beetle

Long-horned Beetle

Long-horned Beetle

Long-horned Beetle


Springtime in Esterillos

Rain season will soon be in full swing and the weather has already shifted for us here on the coast. The overcast sky and ocean breeze is a welcome relief from the super hot dry season we’ve had this year. As soon as the first rains come the animals are everywhere. Our property is full of lush bushes and mature trees so we get lots of wildlife visiting daily. Monkeys,  toucans, parrots, mot mots, armadillos, white-nosed coatis, lizards, it’s like the jungle was sleeping and it just woke up. This is my absolute favorite time of year in Costa Rica. All of the pictures below were taken in our yard, except the flower which was just up the road.



mot mot

clay colored thrush




mot mot

clay colored thrush eggs

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