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Archive for October, 2013

Sunset with my Daddy

Me & Daddy




Dad & Jason

Ellie & I






Me, Dad, Ellie

Dad & Jason


Bahia Aventuras

We went to Uvita yesterday morning for a whale and dolphin watching tour with Bahia Aventuras.  It was a gorgeous day, bright and sunny.  We knew we were at the tail end of the season here and the chances of us actually seeing anything were slim, but we still wanted to give it a go since my dad and stepmom are visiting us from New Jersey.  We didn’t get to see any whales. booooo :(  Or dolphins. waaaahh :(  But the tour was incredible and well worth the trip all on its own.  If you’re ever here in CR, you. must. GO!

Bahia Aventura sign



Ellie getting ready!




We went all around asking fisherman if they had seen any whales or dolphins and nothing.  Four boats were out there looking and not one saw a thing.  We did get to see a school of sardines and a pelican swoop in and pick one out for lunch!



Ellie on the boat

view from the ocean

happy ocean feet

Ellie and I

after swim

The captain pulled over at a beautiful little spot near a tiny island and told us we could jump off for a swim.  At first I thought he was joking, seriously, we were going in the water all the way out here?  How deep is it?  Are there sharks in there?  Apparently… yes, whitetip reef sharks. They’re rarely aggressive towards humans, I’m told.  So we jumped in, naturally.

in the ocean

Ivan in the ocean

in the ocean





If you notice in the last two pictures of the caves, the water is totally brown, that’s because it’s the fresh water from el río Grande de Térraba running into the salty Pacific ocean.  This river is the largest in all of Costa Rica and it runs through a giant pineapple plantation taking with it lots of sediment making it look like a river of chocolate.  I was able to get a video of our tour guide as he explained how these caves came to be.


It’s lizard season ’round here.


iguana and me

iguana face

iguana stare

iguana foot

long lizard



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