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Archive for July, 2013

Miguel & Beautiful Ew-Ew (MOTH PUPA)

Lucs Pupa

Meet Miguel.  Luc found him as a caterpillar and shortly after creating a beautiful, comfy home for him he turned into this.  Any idea what kind of moth he’s gonna be?


We found this one almost two weeks ago. (We’re hoping it’s a moth, and that an evil looking wasp doesn’t hatch out of it.)  It had eaten through, and buried itself in a small pillow we accidentally left outside in the rain.  Sera insisted on keeping it, of course, and now beautiful ew-ew goes everywhere with her and even sleeps next to her pillow at night.

beautiful ew-ew

She said she won’t name him until she knows if it’s more beautiful than ew, or the other way around.


Wanna hold it, Mommy?

Just be careful because he really whips his tail hard.

umm…  I think I’ll just admire him from here, thanks.



Julie and Lizard


Hello Gawgeous!

Deep-blue Eyed-metalmark

Deep-blue eyed-metalmark

Deep-blue eyed-metalmark

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