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Archive for July, 2013

Spiky Green Caterpillar

green caterpillar

I searched and searched and couldn’t figure out what kind of caterpillar this is.  If you know, please send me a message!  Lucius set him up in a nice big container with lots of twigs and leaves and before evening he had webbed himself up tightly in a corner.  Unfortunately, Justus accidentally crushed it and we won’t be seeing what he turns into, at least not this time.  :(

Lucius cried so many sad tears, poor baby.  But, we do still have the hope of Miguel and Beautiful Ew-Ew.  :)


I Hugged A Rainbow Eucalyptus Tree!

rainbow eucalyptus

I’ve been dying to see this tree and finally got to in San Jose yesterday near the new stadium.  Isn’t it crazy that this happens naturally?  The multi-coloured streaks come from patches of outer bark that shed annually at different times, showing the bright-green inner bark. This then darkens and matures to give blue, purple, orange and then maroon tones.  Cool, huh?!


Hey Mother Nature, whaddup!

Crazy storm.  Didn’t she know we were all dressed and ready to go out to dinner?  Or that we had just spent over $300 on perishable groceries???!!!  Or how about that I was catching up on facebook something important when the power went out?  The nerve.

I didn’t get pictures of the downed wires up the road, or the trees that fell along the highway, still, you’ll get the idea just from looking at the yard.

big tree

more trees


The first thing the kiddos wanted to know was weather or not they still had a trampoline.  Oh, and also if they could grab all the sticks they wanted for playing. :)


messy driveway

The next morning… perfectly blue skies like it never even happened.  Well, except that we had no power for two days and the bird songs have been drowned out by chainsaws.  RIP perishable groceries.

blue skies

blue skies

chainsaw guys

chopped tree

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