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Archive for June, 2013

The Rain Season

Costa Rica has two seasons, wet and dry.  While most people plan their vacations during the dry, or “high” season, I’ve been here long enough to know that the rain season is where it’s at.  The tourist industry calls it the “green season” with good reason.  Most days it’ll rain for a short time and then it’s sunny, bright, and beautiful for the rest of the day, perfect for thirsty tropical plant life.  Here in Esterillos, the rains come mostly in the evening which is a lovely way to be lulled to sleep.  Then, you wake up and realize you need to schedule for the yard guy to come, again.  A nice problem to have though, I think.  :)

All of these pictures were taken in my yard this month.

Red Torch Ginger

Red Torch Ginger

Parrot Flower (Heliconia)








Parrot Flower (Heliconia)


As for vacationing, here are some of the perks of coming during the rainy season:

  • -You can find great deals for hotels, transportation, tours, activities, etc.
  • -Many times you don’t even need to make arrangements ahead of time, leaving even more opportunity to get fabulous deals.
  • -Tourist hotspots like national parks and attractions are much less crowded.
  • -Temperatures are usually a bit more comfortable with late afternoon showers cooling off the evening air.
  • -The rainy season is perfect for surfing the largest swells.
  • -If you’re anywhere near the ocean like we are, you will see the most amazing lightening shows in the dark night sky.
  • -You will also enjoy seeing animals everywhere, they seem to love this season.


Of course, there are downsides of the rain season as well, just like anything else.  I read somewhere that “there are places where the river and the road battle it out and the river wins”.  This is true, and it can make for some fun adventures if you’re traveling with a 4×4.  We’ve been there.  Just minutes after a downpour we were faced with a river where the road was supposed to be.  We looked at each other for a moment and decided it wasn’t worth it.  Getting stuck in a river on an unlit back road is a little too much adventure, even for us!  ;)

So if you plan to visit during the rainy season be sure to bring some footwear that can handle the mud, and if you’re a woman, leave your hair straightener at home and embrace the bun.


angelina yard



Mr. Bat

I should write a post one day titled, “Things I never thought I’d hear or say…. until I came to Costa Rica!. Like the time I yelled out, “GUYS, WHO PUT THE DEAD IGUANA ON MY BEDROOM FLOOR!?!!!!”   Yea, like that.

We had a bat in our patio yesterday.  A small, adorable, super fast bat.  Eric caught him in a bed sheet and we checked him out for a minute before setting him free…

Just a word of advice, Mr. Bat, stay out of the house unless you want to be swallowed whole by Diego the vicious, like that poor hummingbird last week.  RIP hummingbird.



Flat Tire

Fixed for $3.80.

no tire

 Turns out there was a teeny tiny screw about the size of a grain of rice causing a slow leak in the tire.


car talk

It wasn’t really all that blog worthy except maybe for this…

nap guy

See him up there?  Napping guy with a car tire pillow.  You know how they do in da Rica…

safety first, kids!


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