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Archive for May, 2013

Chasing Mangos

There’s a HUGE mango tree a few minutes up the road from us.  It’s actually at the entrance of phase 5 of our development in this area.  The tree is full of deliciously ripe mangos right now so we’ve been hauling them home in overflowing grocery bags.  It’s pretty easy for the mango lovers in this house to eat around ten a day and when you consider there are nine of us, well… that’s a whole lotta mangos!

What’s neat is that there’s a massive branch that stays at the bottom of the tree for mango whacking.  It was left by someone, I’m guessing the first who came for fruit, so that whoever comes by can also knock the mangos off the super high branches.  On the way up the road we passed the largest lime tree I’ve ever seen, and at the bottom stood a mother and son collecting them in their shirts.  Thinking about everyone using this stick, and the mother and son gathering food just like me, really warmed my heart to how wonderful it feels to share in the bounty that the earth has so abundantly provided.  I even smiled thinking of the bees and butterflies feasting on the fallen fermented fruits, and imagined all of the other creatures that have stopped by for a meal.  Nature has a way of leveling the playing field.  We all depend on her goodness to thrive.

mango road

The tree is up a hill, so when the mangos fall they roll right down.  I had a moment when I sent the kids to chase the mangos I knocked off.  I guess I had that one coming. ;)

mango tree



Taking a little snack break.

peeling mangos

eating mangos

mango tree

knocking off mangos

Ivan mangos

fallen mangos

bag of mangos

This is a full body workout, my friends.  That stick is heavy and it takes a good swing to knock the mangos down.  But it’s well worth every drop of sweat to bite into a freshly picked mango still warm from the sun!



White-nosed coati

Isn’t he adorable?

Julie took these pictures when she noticed him hanging around our yard, probably eating from the banana trees.

White-nosed coati

White-nosed coati

White-nosed coati


Magical Mushrooms!

In my yard!  Am I the only one envisioning little Tico fairies dancing? :)

mushrooms 4

mushrooms 2

mushrooms 3

mushrooms 5

mushrooms 6


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