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Archive for March, 2013

Pura Vida Pantry – Coconut Oil & Cookbooks

Pura Vida Pantry is a sweet little outdoor restaurant in Herradura that serves vegetarian, vegan, and raw cuisine.  I’ve been following their facebook page for quite some time now but hadn’t made it over to check them out until now.  I don’t want to tell you too much about Cassidy, Paul, and their awesome little spot because I plan to go back again very soon, so I can give them a proper review when we have the time to actually eat what I hear is some crazy delicious food!  For now, I want to share about the cookbooks and coconut oil I purchased while there.

Sweet, sweet coconut oil, how I’ve missed you.  When you move to a different country and are still figuring out where to buy those special things that make life more wonderful, it’s always such a treat when you finally do.  I now have ‘dealers’ all over this coast.  The woman I get my fluoride free sea salt and toothpaste from.  The farmer guy I get my chia seeds from.  And now, my coconut oil gal.

Coconut Oil

For lunch, I made the Ensalada Fiesta and Avocado Cilantro dressing out of the Living Recipes for An Awakened Lifestyle cookbook.  I won’t give away Cassidy’s recipes here because she sells the e-book versions online worldwide.  So if you’re interested, I highly recommend you check them out!   My teenagers had their heads buried in them all afternoon, deciding what they want to try first.  What I love most about them is how much of Cassidy’s sunshiny personality is sprinkled throughout the books with beautiful quotes and messages.  She poured her passion into these pages and it shows!


Now, for my lunch.  Prepare to drool, my friends…

ensalada fiesta

For the dressing, I got to try out my new super cute mini food processor.  I haven’t found a full sized one yet but for now, this little bad boy does the trick!

mini food processor

Here she is, all dressed and ready to devour.  mmm…

avocado cilantro dressing

You guys.  The textures… the flavors… the colors.  CrAzY good!!!  So looking forward to going back there.

As a token of my gratitude for the Pura Vida Pantry and all they do to promote love and health in Costa Rica, I give them (and you!) baby opossum squeeze hugs.  awwww

baby opossum


Newborn Opossum?

If there was a Costa Rican version of me, my friend Vanessa would be it.  Once again she’s come bearing gifts of the lost and abandoned creature variety.  She found what I’m guessing is a newborn opossum while on the way to our house this morning.  After a quick Google search, it appears as though it’s somewhere around three to four weeks old.

Newborn Opossum

Google also said orphaned newborn Opossums have special needs and require the care of a professional wildlife rehabilitator or they likely won’t survive.

Newborn Opossum

I’ve contacted our local wildlife rescue center and am waiting to hear back from them.

Opossum Kisses

Until then, we’re taking turns keeping him warm and far away from Stella, the killer beagle, who is literally choking herself trying to hunt the poor thing.

Nadi and the Opossum


Oh, Stella baby.

Stella's bath

How you hate your medicine baths … and the vet … and the shots.

Stella's bath

Oh, the shots.  The horrific pain they cause making you scream and hide your face under my arm, shaking.  I wish there was another way, baby girl. :(

Stella kisses

It’s been a week and two days since we found you.  You’re a tough little cookie, my sweet.  While uncomfortable and sometimes very hard on you, you are getting better little by little and I’m grateful that you’re so forgiving, and so generous with your stinky puppy breath loves.

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