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Archive for March, 2013

Purple, Purple, Everywhere

The wisteria is in full bloom right now and is covered in dozens of buzzing bumble bees.  If you stand anywhere in the yard you can hear the lullaby-like hum.





wisteria view

Thanks again, Molly, for identifying it for me on the Chasing Mangos facebook page!


From Plant to Table – Growing Rice in Bejuco

I was looking through pictures from December and found some from when I made tamales with friends.  They live on a rice field and were explaining the process of getting it from plant to table while we filled sacks with the sun-dried grains.

After the labor intensive process of combing the field with a pair of scissors, and cutting by hand the grains from the rest of the plant, the grains are laid out on tarp to dry in the sun for a week.  This will cause the debris to fall off the grain as well as making it nice and dry for the next step.  Large sacks of rice will now go to a factory in town where, for $8 a sack, it’s milled to remove the husk and bran layers.  Now the rice is ready to be stored and cooked.  Sounds simple, but hours and hours are spent in the sun collecting those grains!  Still, how amazing to be so close to your food, watching it grow and having the sweet satisfaction of eating it after all that work!

rice field

sun dried rice

sun dried rice

collecting rice

collecting rice

bags of rice


Gettin’ Our Glam On

Nails.  Pool.  Coffee.  Tortillas.  Gossip.

This is how to do Monday morning in the ‘rica.


getting nails done

Nail bling!

nails close-up


Surf Board Slide

Vane & Angel


Sear in the pool

Candy Girl

Nayu's view

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