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Archive for February, 2013

Stella Goes to the Doctor

Oh, Stella.  She has mange, and worms, and… we decided she’s going to stay with us.


We took her to a vet in Parrita, a town just 15 minutes south east of here.

on our way

the vet

She was given her first round of vaccines, de-worming medicine, and an injection for the mange.  We go back in seven days for another dose.

vet table

She weighed in at three and a half pounds and is around two months old.

getting weighed

Not only does he treat pets and livestock, he also rocks the snazzy swim shorts and flip flops.  Does your vet do that?  No.  I didn’t think so. ;)


The injection was so painful.  He warned me she would cry, loud, and a lot, and she did.  It was awful. :(


She wasn’t too pleased with the oral dose of deworming meds, either.


She has two weeks of bathing in a skin healing solution ahead of her, and hopefully will start feeling better real soon.

Health care for animals in Costa Rica is crazy cheap.  Our visit today came to a total of $80 dollars.  That included all of her care, plus puppy food, flea and tick medicine for the rest of our pets, a dog bowl, shampoos, and a machete sharpener.  (Yes, you read that right.)

Welcome to the family, Stella!


Time to build that sanctuary…

I just knew she rescued an animal by the way she called out to me.  Julie has a heart for them like no one I’ve ever known.  This little puppy was left in a small box on the side of the road.  I have no idea how long she was there, but she was already sitting in her own mess, poor thing.  The pup has some kind of skin condition, so she’ll need to go to a vet right away; we have her separated from our dogs just in case it’s contagious.  Not sure what her fate will be just yet, but for now, the kids are calling her Stella.


Julie and Stella

Stella 2

Stella skin

Stella skin 2

Me and Stella

Jason and Stella


Avocado, Anyone?

Lucius took me down the road yesterday to check out an avocado tree he found, turns out, it’s sitting on the corner of a property that was abandoned years ago.  So, mis amigos, how ’bout leaving me a comment with your favorite avocado dish to help a sistah out!  :D

riding bike

kids avocado tree

avocado tree

avocado tree 2

avocado tree 3



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