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Archive for January, 2013

Juice feasting. mmm….

One of the things I want to do more of this year is juicing.  It’s a pretty easy thing to accomplish when the weather and available produce are so consistent.  Most things grow year round here, and with the exception of a few items you will find the same stuff at the markets all year long.  Makes for easy meal planning that’s for sure.  AND I found out recently that there’s a fruit and veggie guy who drives his truck to your house twice a week here, just like when I lived in the mountains!  When it’s this ridiculously convenient and cost effective to eat healthy you really have no excuse. ;)

One of the things I’ve found that makes juicing so much easier for me is preparing a days worth early in the morning and cleaning the juicer before I walk away.  It’s perfect to have a nice cold jar of juice waiting for you when you want it, and not have to think about the time it would take to prepare it all and then clean up afterward, especially when there’s eight other people to feed all day.

So here’s what today’s juice feast looked like…



left: cilantro, parsley, granny smith apples, carrots, sweet red pepper, lettuce

center: beets, carrots, red delicious apples, ginger

right: orange juice, sweet red pepper, carrot, lime

With the exception of the apples (U.S. imports) it’s all locally grown and some of it came from my yard.  I came home from the beach this afternoon and remembered my fantastically delicious beet juice waiting for me.  SWEET!

Have you set any healthy intentions for the new year?  I’d love to hear about it!


How to do January in Costa Rica…

1.  Spend 5000 colones ($10) on a kiddie pool.

2.  Fill it up and watch the sun turn it into a mini jacuzzi.

3.  Enjoy the pura vida!





Can there ever be enough Toucans?

I remember how I acted the first time I saw one, you would’ve thought Jennifer Lopez just walked up my driveway.  The kids were embarrassed at the fuss I was making.  Now I see them every single day in my own yard at least once or twice.  Sometimes it’s just one, sometimes twenty.  I still run outside whenever I hear them; they’re crazy beautiful and I love to listen to their call.  I can hear a couple of them out there right now. :)

I tried to get a better video this time.  Hope you enjoy it as much as I do!


Chestnut-mandibled Toucan


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