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Archive for January, 2013

FRUTARICA – Jaco beach

I’ve been wanting to share about some of the places we frequent and since we hit up my favorite smoothie joint in Jaco this morning I figure we may as well start there!  The smoothies are ice cold and served with a straw and spoon they’re so thick.  Another thing I really like about them is their drinks always taste the same so you know what you’re getting.  There’s another place we go and no matter how many times I order the same drink it’s hit or miss, turns out different every time.

Frutarica’s drinks are organic, pesticide and chemical free, and made from fresh locally grown produce.  I almost always order the Beach Bum (#4) which is a mix of passion fruit, banana and mango.  Drool worthy, my friends.  There are mornings I wake up craving one and nothing else will do.  The people are sweet, the drinks even sweeter.  If you’re ever in Jaco… GO!  Then come back here and tell me how much you love it.






It’s a bubble blowing kind of day!








The Saddleback Caterpillar


This alien looking critter contains horns on both ends, so its hard to tell if they’re coming or going.  The end with the green ‘eyes’ is actually his butt so it appears as if he’s crawling backwards.  Although the horns look kinda freaky, its actually the tiny little hairs along its side that secrete an irritating venom, so look but don’t touch! (Some of us learned this the hard way!)

We relocated this little guy from the garbage can to a safer spot on a leaf nearby, but we used a twig to do it.

pretty cool looking, no?!


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