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Archive for January, 2013

A Butterfly Visit

I recently posted about how we are forever releasing butterflies from our screened in porch.  Many times it’s the Malachite butterfly, like the one I’m showing you today.  He was flying around my bedroom and when I took him outside to set him free he decided to hang with us for a while.  First on my hand, then my shoulder, then with the rest of the family.  It was around an hour or more later when we he finally flew away.  Maybe he was tired and enjoying a rest, who knows, or maybe they’re beginning to see us as a safe place to land. :)






Cool fact: This butterfly got it’s name because of the green and black colors on it’s wings that take on the color of the malachite mineral as it appears naturally in stones found on the ground or refined for jewelry settings.


Taco Bar Restaurant- Jacó

A popular outdoor fast food type restaurant in Jacó, the Taco Bar is probably the place we visit most often since the food is served quickly, it’s inexpensive, and their options are many.  Everything from a fresh fruit plate and other vegetarian options like hummus and mouth watering baked potatoes to chicken fingers and fries, pizza, or their signature dish, fish tacos.  Best part, they have SWINGS.  Who wouldn’t want to eat lunch on a swing?!  The smoothies are fantastic, too.  I almost always order the strawberry, blackberry, banana, guanabana mix. Riquisimo!DSC08679






Clubbing at the Grocery Store

No, they aren’t advertising or selling anything.  It’s Friday.  That means CRAZY loud music playing at your local Mas X Menos grocery store, even in the pouring rain.  If I kept the camera going just a minute longer you would’ve seen a woman come out of her car and give a little salsa shake before heading in to do her shopping.  Pura Vida!

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