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Archive for December, 2012

the beauty of rain season

leaf cutter ant hard at work


Insomnia and Toucans

I don’t know what it was, I just could not sleep last night.  There were cows mooing in the distance, the sound of the ocean, bats, frogs, crickets, I even heard a mosquito buzzing outside of the window screen at one point.  Maybe it was the three year old who wiggled closer and closer onto my side of the bed every time I adjusted my position?  It was none of those things really, since they happen every night and I sleep like a baby.  I didn’t mind it so much, to be honest.  It rarely happens to me that I’m up all night so when it does, I find myself relaxing into thoughts I barely have time to consider during the business of the day.  Sometime around five a.m., I heard the birds begin to sing.  I wrapped myself in a sheet with camera in hand and enjoyed the peaceful noise of a Costa Rican morning.

might want to turn up your speaker.  the camera doesn’t pick up how insanely loud this chorus really is!

Shortly after, I spotted a toucan.  I thought he was alone until another tried to bully him off his branch.

half way through the video you’ll hear my up-way-too-early neighbour start his truck.

When those two flew away to nearby tree, about fifteen more of them followed!  I’ve never seen anything like it.  A tree FULL of toucans!  Unfortunately, my camera couldn’t get a good shot of them all together because of the distance and the early morning grey sky (it rained last night).  But I’ll share what I got.  Oh!  And those two that look like they’re kissing down there, they’re actually fighting.  Toucans are not nice to each other AT ALL.  One guy sits on a branch, and another comes along to challenge him.  Last one holding on wins!

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