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Archive for November, 2012

Capuchins enjoying some Pura Vida!

It’s noon-ish, and the capuchin monkeys are making their way through the tall trees behind our house, as they so often do. Sometimes they stop for a bite before they continue heading south. There were only four of them today from what I could see, but most times there’s usually over a dozen.

He spotted me.

dude… there’s a crazy lady watching us.

I was able to get this short video…



El Señor Macaw

We ate breakfast together at the Veranda restaurant at Monterey Del Mar hotel.


Emerg in Costa Rica (part 2)

So Eric is completely unfamiliar with this process.  He’s a very healthy young man, and hasn’t had any experience with hospitals.  Before we even begin he’s questioning everything, you know, cause that’s what he does.


Do I really have to put this on?

Why do I need it?  Can’t I just tell them no?  Why not?

Why are they putting me in a wheel chair?  But I walked here!  Do I really have to go in the wheel chair?


Why is there paper on the bed?  Should I move it before I sit?

I can’t sit here, there’s paper on it!  But I’m gonna rip the paper!!!

Do they recycle this?  It’s so wasteful.


Doc:  Eric, dime lo que pasó!

Him:  *blank stare*

Doc: *looks at me*

Me:  *looks at Eric*




Me: Eric, take off your flip flop.

Him:  Why? 

Me:  *evil mother glare*  just. take. it. OFF.

Him: Why is the machine making that noise?

Me: Cause you’re getting nuked.

Him: awesome.  Do I get to keep the x-ray?

Me:  NO!

Him:  Do they have a morgue here?

Me:  I’m sure.

Him: Can we go?

Me: NO.

Him: Can’t you tell them it’s for homeschooling?



Me:  (noticing his filthy jungle feet)  ERIC!  YOUR FEET!!!  Quick! Go into the bathroom and wash them before…

*doc walks in*


Doc:  *looks at foot … looks at me*

Me:  *hangs head in shame*

Doc:  proceeds to squeeze goop on foot which cleans the jungle dirt right off.

Time to go.

Doc hands Eric x-ray.  Eric is happy.


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