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Archive for October, 2012

Baby Praying Mantis


¡Que Chiva!

Chi-Chi is my little rescue dog.  She was originally named Chiva, which means ‘cool’ in Costa Rica, for obvious reasons.  The kids had a hard time remembering that so she became Chi-Chi.  She was somewhere around 2-3 months when we adopted her, which was about 2-3 months after our arriving in Costa Rica, so she was likely born as we were getting ready for our trip, this time one year ago.

So, HAPPY we’re-not-sure-when-it-really-is-so-we’ll-make-it-today BIRTHDAY to YOU, Chi-Chi!

May your days continue to be filled with lots of mud rolling, barking at horses,

and downward doggin’.


Puntarenas with Don and Mary Jo

The province of Puntarenas stretches from the Nicoya Peninsula right down to the edge of Panama.  Today, we visited the capital city which was once the main port on the Pacific coast of Costa Rica.  It’s about a two hour drive north of Esterillos Este where we live.  For weeks we’ve been looking forward to meeting with our friends from the United States, Don and Mary Jo, who arrived on the Infinity cruise ship to spend the day with us.  We spent hours and hours walking up and down the strip near the shore where there was an endless sea of tables with a gajillion thing-a-whoz-its.  Then, out to lunch at a local seafood restaurant, aaaaaand back to shopping.

I should probably mention that as I was getting ready to head out the door, I smashed my baby toe on a sofa that weighs more than the ship they came in on (OUCH!) and thought I broke it, for sure.  I put ice on it and headed to the Cruz Roja to make sure it wasn’t broken.   They said it was just banged up pretty badly and if I lay off of it I should start feeling the pain subside in around four to five days.  I took that as an o.k. to go ahead with our plans, and off we went.  Lucky for me, amongst all the thing-a-ma-whatz-its were canes.  AWESOME canes.  Yup, I rocked one the *entire* day.

^ the cane ^

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