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Archive for September, 2012

Happy Birthday and Independance Day!

It’s Costa Rica’s Independence Day and the entire country is celebrating!  We were caught in traffic yesterday and eventually figured out we were riding behind a group of runners being led by a young man carrying a torch.

Curious, I looked into the tradition and found this…

“Today, the flame from the torch in Guatemala is taken by students running from country to country, town to town and school to school. Every school in all the local towns receives the flame to light their own torches and take it back to their own local community. By 6pm, all the faroles across Costa Rica are lit with this flame of liberty that originated in Guatemala, and people pore into the streets singing the national anthem and songs of independence.”

The celebrating continued through the evening as we watched hundreds of people gathered on the streets of Jaco waving their flags and showing their pride.  Children were dressed in their school uniforms and some in beautiful costumes practicing their dances in the streets in preparation for today’s festivities.

I’ll share more on that tomorrow, because today we’re celebrating Julie’s and Luc’s birthday!  Julie and I decided to make a tradition of going out for lunch together to celebrate our birthday’s (mine is tomorrow) so we took an ATV and headed to one of our favorite local restaurants, then some time at the beach, and finally letting her drive me home.

So HAPPY BIRTHDAY my little whipper snappers.  This year we party Costa Rican style!



Raw Jicama Fries

If you’re unfamiliar with this crispy, sweet root, here’s a quick, simple recipe to try…

Simply peel the skin off of the jicama and cut into thin french fry sized pieces.  Drizzle a few teaspoons of extra virgin olive oil over it, sprinkle with chili powder, sea salt, and a squirt of lime.  Voilà!


A stroll around the yard…

Green Spiny Lizard

Malachite Butterfly

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